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​Titan was born in the care of a rescue group. His mom, Steffi, was rescued as a pregnant, sick, and starving stray.  She was nursed back to health and gave birth to a litter of 6 puppies. Titan was adopted by Patricia as a puppy and grew into a big strong, healthy boy! He likes taking long walks, exploring hiking trails, and eating snacks! He loves drinking toilet water, climbing 6 foot fences, sheriffing other dogs, and cuddling. Although he has some grumpy feelings toward other dogs, he has always loved Ellie. This love was a large part of the inspiration behind their need to help others and share their happiness. 

Nicknames: Tilly, Tye-Tea, Till, Till-Boy

TITAN'S HUMAN - Patricia
Let's face it: everything I love revolves around animals, specifically dogs! When I have free time I plan events and host fundraisers to help animals. I also spend a lot of my time promoting how to live an ethical lifestyle. I love hiking with my dogs, travelling, and creating art. 

"The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it" - you have the power to save a life ... what is stopping you?




Ellie was rescued as a stray of about 3 years old. She was sick, frozen, and very very skinny. She was adopted by Kaylee about a month and a half after rescue. After months of healing, Ellie is a now a healthy, happy, chubby little girl. She is a certified Pet Therapy dog and loves walking, snacking and hanging out with her friends. Her love for Titan is like no other, and she always "sings" as soon as her mom says his name!

Nicknames: Bug, El Belle, Ellie Bellie, El

Although I'm pretty much always on the go, I'm a total homebody. I love DIY projects, arts and crafts, gardening, snuggling with dogs, and watching movies in bed. I also love camping and have a new found love for canoeing. I have volunteered in animal rescue in some capacity for about 6 years and couldnt imagine life without it. Being able to help others - both animal and human has always been my passion.


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