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Mortimer was bought as a micro pig. Years later after reaching over 300 pounds his owners were no longer able to care for him. Mortimer had spent time in limbo before he came to the sanctuary and during that time he was fed way too much and became morbidly obese and weighed in at over 500 pounds upon arrival. To date Mortimer has lost around 150 pounds and now has his sight and mobility back. He is around seven years old.

"My inspiration for painting comes from the bananas I eat"


Ellie was rescued as a stray of about 3 years old. She was sick, frozen, and very very skinny. She was adopted by Kaylee about a month and a half after rescue. After months of healing, Ellie is a now a healthy, happy, chubby little girl. She is a certified Pet Therapy dog and loves walking, snacking and hanging out with her friends. Her love for Titan is like no other, and she always "sings" as soon as her mom says his name!

"My creation process is slow, I nap a lot"


Nakasha came from a community outside Edmonton. Her owner no longer wanted to care for her or the other animals on the property so she was not fed or watered or given shelter. She lived in a small mud hole with no enrichment. Nakasha was rescued with a goat as they were the only surviving animals left on the property. We think she is around two years old.

"They call me tornado in how I express myself"

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An array of animal artists work with us to create beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art. These are some of the featured artists.

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